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May, 2019

2019 Picture Day


08:20 am - 31 Madison (8U)
08:30 am - 34 Price
08:40 am - 21 Madison (6U)
08:55 am - 20 Helser
09:10 am - 10U Gott
09:20 am - 9U Cahoon
09:30 am - 22 Cook
09:45 am - 24 Shaw
10:00 am - 25 Gonzales
10:10 am - 32 Ogg
10:20 am - 33 Strong
10:30 am - 40 Gardenhire
10:40 am - 41 Phelps
10:50 am - 50 Holzgrove
11:00 am - 10 Haskins (4U)
11:15 am - 23 Haskins (6U)
11:30 am - 11 Richardson
11:45 am - 51 Landaker
11:55 am - 52 Beeler
12:05 pm - 12 Smith
12:20 pm - 13 Kinney (4U)
12:35 pm - 30 Kinney (8U)
12:45 pm - 60 Elsen
12:55 pm - 14 Dunnington
1:10 pm - 15 Holloway
1:25 pm - 12U Winans
1:35 pm - 13U Richardson
1:45 pm - 14U Winans



 In an effort to help reduce waste and add convenience to your ordering process, we are offering ordering online in addition to the paper picture forms that will be distributed to your team.  Below is the link that you can use to access the secure online prepay portal if you wish to pay online.  If you choose to order online, please complete your online order prior to your scheduled picture date for picture day efficiency. Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation with your order details.  Please retain the email notification for your records. 


If you are ordering a “Buddy Photo” you will need to fill out an additional order form (or complete an additional online transaction) separate from your individual picture order.  This is necessary so we can ensure picture order accuracy.  Please also list the first and last names of ALL persons being photographed in the buddy photo. Buddy photo orders placed online, must be completed the night prior to pictures to ensure order accuracy. Or you can turn in your picture form when you check in your player for pictures. You are welcome to order anything for your buddy photo, with the exception of key chains and dog tags. 

If you would like to use the paper order form, please bring your completed form with you on picture day (with your payment enclosed in the order envelope). Paper order forms are being handed out this week.