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MCYBA Board Meeting OPEN
November 15, 2013

● New board members were voted into place.
Travis Fisk - Vice President
Brianna Lepe - Secretary
Richard Squire accept the bump to President
Jessey Squire accepted the bump to Schedular

● Karissa presented Treasurer's Report.:Total in OCCU account $4698.06
Petty Cash $347.00
Unpaid registration from last two years $6556.00

● A motion was made by Dehning to forgo the committee selection of American Team.
Motion passed 60 to allow coaches to pick their own American Teams.

● Mass discussion went on about whether or not to keep the American Teams the same
as the last 3 years or keep all of MCYBA teams rec and allow Tournament teams to be
formed: which they could pull from other rec teams to form one team and participate in
weekend tournaments and other tournament play that didn’t interfere with MCYBA rec
league play. A 5-1 vote passed to keep American Teams the same as previous years
and only allow one team per division. 14u12u10u ans option of 8u.
MCYBA will also back any rec league team that wants to participate in
weekend tournaments with insurance and support, but not additional funding.

● Fundraising Tabled till next meeting

● We will make a spot on the registration form to note previous coach, but no spot to
request specific one.

● Uniform quotesTabled
till next meeting and Sharron will contact BlackStar for quote.

● Steph’s Espresso is checking into getting a bounce house for opening day ceremony.

● All job descriptions were given and signed.

● Concessions Tabled till next meeting

● 30 days from today we will select American league Coaches. Dead for coaches apps is 12513. Start dates for tryouts will be discussed further at next meeting. Tentative date is 1/11/14.

● Meeting ended at 9:37pm.