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Mason County Youth Baseball Association

Rain Out Information

Updates ( if available ) are provided by 4pm on game days. If rained out, please wait for word from your coach in case there is a back up option.

League Rainout Notification Service

Blue Sombrero SMS Alerts or Home page updates
In order to take advantage of our new rain out service you will need to ensure your cell phone is entered correctly in your account settings, aka it is entered into the cell phone field not telephone.Once this is entered and you are added to our group you will receive a text with instructions on how to subscribe and unsubscribe to alerts.



City of Olympia

LBA ParkStevens Field
Yauger Park 
(360) 570-3955
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City of Tumwater

Pioneer Park
Tumwater Hill Park
(360) 252-5460

City of Lacey
Nisqually Park & Rainier Vista

If the game is not called by the league it is a game time decision, which means coaches and umpires call it at the field.If two coaches decide to cancel before going to the field they MUST notify the league so we can inform the umpires and concession stand employees.Failure to do this will result in a forfeit of the game, the game will NOT be rescheduled.