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MCYBA Open Meeting December 12, 2013

Meeting called to order at 6:05PM

● Meeting Minutes from 111513 read and approved, with corrections made to the
Treasure's Report.

● Karissa presented Treasurer's Report.:
Total in OCCU account $4698.06
Petty Cash $347.00
Unpaid registration from last two years $6556.00

● Parade was cold, but a success. We had a good turnout of kids who participated. We
handed out hat and tshirt. WE will make a special post on our FB and website, thanking
Steph’s Espresso for all her help.

● Website is up and running, however it is having problems when logging in from Outlook.
Sharon will look into it. Payment plans have been set up to be accepted on website.

● Bryce gave us a ball inventory of:
12 dz Hard balls
6 dz Cal Ripkin balls
3 dz Babe Ruth balls
3 dz Pony balls
46 Safe Soft balls
We will need to order new balls for this season. Total amount needed TBD.

● Opening day is scheduled for March, 29th 2014
Goals Everyone's has their first game that day. We have a silent auction. 50/50 raffle. Jud suggested an online Auction
Bryce will contact Toziers for auction items.
Unanimous vote approved American Teams to operate booths at opening day as part o their fundraising, if they want to participate.

● Practice start dates of March 3, 2014
possibly sooner depending upon MCRA’s decision that the fields are ready for

● Tournaments dates locked in:
26 & 27, 2014
*fields 2,3,4 & 6
31, 2014
*fields 2,3,4,6 & 7

Annual Bash Tournament: June 28th with all fields reserved. TBD if it will be an
invitational tournament, a league tournament or a combination of the two.

● Discussed the Presidents Meeting that Rich and Jessey attended:
Most all other leagues have advanced their kids, Tball teams are using machine
pitch and Pinto teams are kids pitch. We were offered a sanctioned tournament, but Rich declined the offer for lack of
time to discuss with the whole board before being able to make a decision.

● We discussed the Country Parks Email, stating that the $250,000.00 grant awarded to
Mason County for 2 more turf fields will likely be given back and funding for Mason County
parks for the next two years would be tapped into, to cover the Belfair Sewer Project.
Copy of Email will be posted to our website and FB page urging parents to call the
County Commissioners and voice their opinions on the matter.
● Uniform bids: 
OPM said no bid until January
Black Star told us to use previous years invoice for prices.
*Previous years invoice showed we paid
3.75 for kids and adult t’s
6.75 for xxl t’s
7.75 for xxxl t’s
1.40 for logo
1.20 for sponsor name
1.20 for numbers
90.00 for screen prints
and 8.5% tax on all, for a total bill of $3,220.93

Ink gave us the following bid
youth t’s with logo on front and number on back 6.00
two button baseball jersey 9.00
youth drawstring pants in black 8.00
youth belt 3.75
youth baseball hat with logo 8.00
adult jerseys 12.00
adult open leg, belt looped baseball pant 14.00
adult belt 4.00
adult flex fit hat 12.00
*vote gave Huckleberry Ink contract for uniform t’s and hats.We will request
sample sizes for open registration dates. Pants are Tabled until we have a better guess on
registration numbers. Black Star will be contacted to to do a MCYBA banner.

● Changes need to be made to our bylaws to reflect an offset rotation of terms. (ie.
president and vice presidents terms don’t start and end same time) Brianna will look at
the RCW’s for nonprofits to make sure that all rules are followed and adjusted correctly.

● Rich proposed bringing on a Tournament Director, a small Fundraising Committee and a
Head Coach as a non voting positions. Jud Hildebrant was present and asked to be considered for the position of
Tournament Director. He was voted in unanimously amongst all present board members.
Fundraising committee approve *Jessey will contact parents who have
expressed interest in helping.
Head coach position approved *Still looking for someone who is interested in
filling that position.

● Dissolutions of relationships to organization (ie. Team who leave MCYBA to become a
select team elsewhere) were discussed.
Should teams who leave MCYBA with funds they have raised still in our accounts
be able to take funds with them? Do funds raised by teams carry over to the next year? How would we divide funds if only half a team moves up to the next age division? Do funds follow a coach?
*need to look at RCW’s to make before making a decision. Tabled until the
next meeting.

● Fundraising tabled for one week. *we all will send email ideas to Sharon and she will
present them to us in an email to approve.

● Concern was shared by parents who were present over a 14U American Team. They are afraid that if turnout is as low as the previous season, picking the best kids for an American team would leave the other team unequipped to compete with teams they will have to interlock with. Parents suggested that we forgo an American team for 14U if
turnout is too low to support one. It was agreed upon by all parents and board members that this issue will be
discussed further once turn out number for the 2014 season are closer to be determined and we would hold off on making any decision until then as well.

*Travis Sheetz, Mark Gerchek and Jeremey Ordonez were all present and
have agreed that since they all would like to coach the 14U age group, that they
would play it by numbers and all work together with the board to make a decision
that is best for all the players.

● Goals for 2014
2nd. Listen fully to our coaches input
3rd Back up our coaches

● Coaches Clinic
Rich spoke to Gregory about possible seniors who want to put on a skills clinic for
our players as their senior project and possibly have a mentor program to assist coaches during
practices and games.
tentative clinic date of January 31, 2014
tentative coaches meeting of February 1, 2014
Email will go out requesting those interested in coaching, fill out an online app
*Rich is going to check on gym availability.

● Dehning has been holding open gyms for 12U. Turnout has been good and he will remind
kid that they can not participate until they have filled out their online registration, so they
can be covered under MCYBA’s insurance.

● Discussion about coaches and managers background checks.
Brianna motioned that we not allow anyone to coach or manage a team that has a DUI or drug conviction in the last two year. If a DUI ,drug conviction or misdemeanor assault is in the last 5 years, the board will consider on a case by case bases. Any domestic violence or convictions pertaining children will not be considered, no matter how long it has been.
*Jessey seconded motion and it was approved.

● Discussion held about some uniforms and team names. All board members agreed that if a coach would like to name their teams or choose/pay for their uniforms, they may. All uniforms still need to be approved be by the MCYBA and must have our logo on their hats. (American League only) Pony and American Teams will be given their allotment and will be responsible for ordering their own uniforms, onced approved.
● American League Coaches
Sheetz and Mark Gerchek have filled out application, but we are
waiting on numbers before deciding if we have have an American Team in that devision. Both
Travis and Mark or good with that decision and we will revisit that at a later date.

was approved, Osberg will assist

Hutson approved

applications were received, therefor we will forgo having an American
Team at that age level.

● Dates for TryOuts:
11th for American 10u Team
1st for National League Teams
*Rich will check on gym availability

● InPerson
11th, 2014. Tentative time of 10:00Am till 1:00PM
28, 2014. Tentative time of 6:00PM8:
00PM @ PUD3
*Rich will check for location availability

● Reducing Sponsorship Fee’s to $250.00
We will try and encourage teams to come up with $100.00 in direct donations to
cover reduced sponsorship. 
*Karissa will Email sponsor list to all of us.
*Brianna will contact Monica to get all form and paperwork to revamp
sponsorship form.

● Concessions
Brianna will write up a proposal to the county, ask if we could run concession only during our 3 tournament.
Jacot’s will get the trailer and store it at their house.

● Notifications of open registration:
*Jessey will contact schools and contact the Mark about getting it put in city flier.
*Rich will contact City about getting a banner put up over Olympic Hwy.

● Approved joining the Shelton Chamber of commerce for $155.00 annual fee.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57PM